Here I AM, get used to it.

‘God has not made himself a prisoner to the machine of the universe. He can act into it. And consequently, a Christian, whether he is considering a great catastrophe such as the flood or something less dramatic, does not have to choose between a random universe without cause and effect and a universe of cause and effect … [Read more…]

Big houses. Big questions.

I live pretty near the ‘Big House’, which is where some sort of American sport I don’t understand with big shoulder pads and helmets takes place. I think the Times once stated that American football, is just a bunch of TV adverts interspersed and interrupted with vignettes of actual sport, wherein everyone goes crazy when … [Read more…]

Ali died.

Ali died. I remembered watching him fight when I was a kid. I watched boxing with my dad, my dad used to box. Ali was some kind of genius wasn’t he? The best boxer ever in my less than expert opinion, and maybe even the greatest sportsman of all time. He took on all comers, … [Read more…]